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From initial design concept to fully functioning sites, we offer a complete solution for Internet Technology. There is so much more to web site design than at first meets the eye.

Prior IT understands the things to consider as a web site is built. It's not just about engaging artwork, but the underlying structure and framework to give a strong theme to your site - the all important words and phrases which form the food for search engines.

What's the point of creating a web site masterpiece if it doesn't attract visitor hits? And what do hits mean? Customers of course! The very reason you want your web site in the first place.


Prior IT Solutions has been in the business of understanding the complexities of the World Wide Web and Internet Technology for over 25 years, from when the Internet was in its very infancy. And with its growth, we have watched and learned and continue to keep pace with its giant strides.

Whether your need is a single-page small practice "business card" site, or multi-page dynamic back-end database driven corporate web site, Prior IT has a wealth of experience to draw upon.

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